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Maggie and Shiv live in New York and share a passion for cooking. We haunt farmer’s markets and specialty food stores; we love new recipes and kitchen challenges. We eat brunch.

We started the blog because we love to discuss the delicious things we cook almost as much as we like making them (though probably not as much as we enjoy eating them. Sorry.)

We hope you enjoy your visit, and come back again! You can reach us via email:
shiv [at] pithyandcleaver[dot] com
maggie [at] pithyandcleaver[dot] com

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A few additional details…

Maggie is a writer and online editor from Oregon who thoroughly enjoys living and working in Manhattan.

She likes: farmer’s markets, vineyards, craft beer, weird new ingredients, watercolor pencils, piles of cooking magazines, catching up with friends over coffee and lemon ricotta pancakes, and exploring the city on foot.

Also, she’s a big fan of her newly-minted husband, Matt.

Maggie also contributes to Serious Eats and Serious Eats New York, as well as a few other publications. You can find her clips here.

Shiv is a photographer, a musician, and an intermittent redhead. She’s from California by way of the UK, and is notorious for changing her hair and losing her sunglasses.

She likes: bourbon, fresh cherries, mint malted milk balls, pushing daisies, boots, autumn, steampunk, comic books, kickboxing, red lipstick, running, and sushi.

She doesn’t like: the subway during rushhour, airplanes, scorpions, being cold, doing the dishes.

You can hear her at, and see some of her work at Bellwether Studio.

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