Faking Summer: Broiler-Grilled Corn

I know, I know.

Corn is not in season yet. And really, neither is grilling.

Luckily, this recipe works perfectly with less-than-stellar ears from the grocery store, and can be prepared within the confines of a small apartment kitchen. If you’re reading this in July, and you picked up lovely Jersey or Ohio corn from a farmstand, then I’m not sure you need this recipe. That corn is delicious raw, or briefly, briefly dunked in a pot of boiling water. But this recipe will serve you well in the pre- and post-season.

I was inspired tonight by some grilled corn I had at Kampuchea on the Lower East Side. They slather theirs in a coconut-chili mayonnaise, and it’s pretty fabulous, bold and spicy and sweet, with the perfect hit of acidity from wedges of lime you squeeze onto it before eating. My adaptation is a little bit lighter, with nonfat greek yogurt subbing in for the mayo, but it’s tangy and delicious all the same. Chipotle gives it just a little smokiness, so you’ll hardly miss the grill. Let me know if you try it with some coconut flakes stirred into the yogurt spread, I bet it would be great. 

Your cooking time may vary depending on the heat and positioning of your broiler. Feel free to check and turn the ears every 5 minutes (and more frequently toward the end) but don’t be afraid of charred kernels: those may be the best part.

Anyone up for some fake tanning while we’re at it?

Broiler-Grilled Corn

For yogurt spread:
1 individual-size container nonfat Greek yogurt (I love Fage)
1 dried chipotle
1/4 tsp each: chili powder, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, sugar
1/2 tsp salt

Two ears corn per person—this recipe makes enough yogurt spread for six ears
2 T butter, melted
Parmesan for grating
lime wedges

Crumble dried chipotle or crush in a mortar and pestle. Mix into greek yogurt in a small bowl, then add chili powder, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, sugar and salt. Taste for spice—only a thin layer will go on the corn, so if you want it really hot, add more cayenne.

Husk corn and remove silk. Preheat broiler. On a broiler pan or cast iron skillet, arrange corn in a single layer. Brush all sides with melted butter. Broil five minutes, turn, and broil five more minutes. Brush with butter again. Continue cooking until corn is golden and charred on a few kernels, checking every few minutes.

When corn is cooked, remove with tongs to a platter. Smear yogurt spread evenly over corn ears on all sides, then grate cheese on top, turning to apply evenly. Squeeze lime juice onto corn and eat while still hot.

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