The things I do for you: Brie and Nutella Grilled Cheese

Oh, friends.

It’s been a long month. And this, I am happy to say, is my last grilled cheese offering. Shiv will have one more for you midweek, and then April, Fine Month O’ National Grilled Cheese, is toast.

(Groan. See what all these sandwiches have done to me?)

Brie and nutella are rather lovely together. But maybe it’s just too much? Brie is already practically melted, smearing with a gentle knife, so it’s tricky in a grilled cheese sandwich. Brie has a way of going too far as it warms, just over the line from creamy and decadent to oozing…let’s not think about what it’s oozing.

If I weren’t allergic to grilled cheese by now, I might try this again, pairing Nutella with a slightly more straightforward cheese: something salty but not very musky, perhaps manchego or parmesan. The touch of salt is brilliant with the melted chocolate, but the slightly fermented flavor of the brie just struck me as a little bit weird.

Unlike most grilled cheese, I recommend you toast this sandwich quickly on higher heat, so the bread crisps but the cheese remains a bit more solid. Keep it uncovered, too. Hopefully that will cut down on the oozing a little.

See you soon for some vegetables. I’m so, so ready.

Brie and Nutella Grilled Cheese
for one sandwich

2 slices white or sourdough bread
Four thin slices brie, rinds removed
1 T butter
2 T Nutella or other chocolate-hazelnut spread

Melt butter in microwave, watching carefully, and spread on one side of each slice of bread. Preheat a heavy cast iron pan over medium heat. Place one slice of bread, buttered side down, in pan, and add brie slices. Spread Nutella on other slice of bread and top the sandwich. Cook uncovered for 3-4 minutes, then flip carefully. Continue cooking until bread is crisp and golden on both sides.

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