Grilled cheese, anyone?

We here at Pithy and Cleaver have some exciting plans for the month of April.


Me: So, I have a proposal.

Matt: Yes.

Me: Good, because you have to say yes. So it’s more like an announcement.

Matt: Ok…

Me: April is National Grilled Cheese Month! And we are participating. Like, really, really participating. Pithy and Cleaver is going to be FULL of crazy grilled cheese recipes. We may have to eat a lot of grilled cheese.

Matt: Well, ok. But you owe me. (Pause.) I will accept payment in the form of grilled cheese.

—end scene

How does some smoked gouda, sage, and salami grilled cheese sound to you? Perhaps we’ll throw a little goat cheese, honey, and prosciutto on the grill for you? Click on the main page to see our creations.

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