It was more than a magazine

I’m really sad about the closing of Gourmet. My grandparents used to save every issue on huge basement bookshelves. As soon as my mother’s copies of Gourmet arrived in the mail, I’d read them at the kitchen counter back while my mom made after-school snacks. When I moved across the country about nine years ago, my phone calls home would often include discussion of the recipes in the latest issue. Three generations of my family have cooked from Gourmet and been inspired by it. Three generations of our family sat at holiday dinner tables together enjoying our latest discoveries from its pages. It’s a huge loss.

I’ve joined a few other bloggers in dreaming up a monthly cooking and writing project in honor of Gourmet’s 68 years…More information to come as we iron out all of the details.

It’s small consolation, but it should be fun.

Want to get involved? Swing by Gourmet, unbound

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