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Apples from the Moon: Quince-Apple Pie

I am probably not the only one who looked at the September 2009 cover of Gourmet and thought, what IS that? An apple from the moon?

That strange fuzzy green fruit was a quince, of course, and as soon as my farmer’s market had some I scooped them up. I have to say, even if you don’t plan on making this pie, buying a few quinces is a good idea just for the scent. Sitting in a bowl in your kitchen, they give off a sweet perfume for days.

In the oven, they’re even better. This pie is a bit of a business, since quince are too tough to just throw into a pie filling. Roasting the sliced quince in a bit of orange juice softens them enough to toss with slivered apples and pile high into a pie crust.

Their taste is a little musky, a little floral, and not quite as sweet as they smell. It makes for a grown-up pie with slightly rosy, spicy filling. If you’re plotting out pies for Thanksgiving, I’d suggest roasting the quince a day ahead and storing in an airtight container in the roasting liquid overnight. With the help of a big food processor, you can whip up several pie crusts the day before as well and store in your fridge until you’re ready to roll them out.

Happy November, everyone!

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Black and blue for you: Black and blue pie

I do enjoy holiday weekends. It’s not so much the extra days off (which, if we’re honest, don’t mean much to me now that I’m without a day job); it’s more about the infectious spirit that rolls in the streets. The general feeling of reckless abandon and awesome indulgence, of giddiness, of getting together with your friends and making mischief. Of miscellaneous backyard explosions and the very real concern that someone’s house is going to be set alight before the evening’s end. For my money there’s not much better–hence, my love of the 4th of July. While it will never replace Thanksgiving in my affections, it’s trying pretty bloody hard.

Black and blue pie

This year’s festivities were held at the home of my wonderful friends, M&A (I may have mentioned them before; they have pet chinchillas and the most prodigious collection of games this side of the Mississippi. They are two of my very favorite people in the history of ever). They are renowned for throwing kick-ass barbecues; so kick-ass, that it became a moral imperative to hitch my star to that wagon and contribute. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to bring two things: my infamous pulled pork (which was initially supposed to be smoked over the grill, but…no. Didn’t quite work out that way, though it was still delicious and all seven pounds got eaten in about six minutes by ravenous guests) and a new experiment–a black and blue pie.


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Game On!

OK. It’s Thanksgiving Eve Eve. 46 Hours to the main event. Which means it’s time to cook!
On the agenda tonight:

Bourbon Pecan pie

Pumpkin pie
Mint Julep Tart (this one’s an original, so bear with us)
Bailey’s white chocolate cheesecake.
Gratin assembly (Artichoke prosciutto and Cauliflower cheese)
It’s 6:54 pm. Liveblogging begins now. Say a prayer for our souls and sanity.

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