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In Case You Still Have Leftovers

Hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I was out west with my parents, a trip more focused on spending time together and enjoying Portland’s bounty of food and drink than on Turkey Day itself. Still, we had tucked away some turkey leftovers (frozen in gravy) before the trip, and they made a perfect comfort-food dinner tonight as we both tried to catch up on work. (Gift guides already? Sheesh!) farfalle with turkey leftovers

This recipes works perfectly well with rotisserie chicken or leftover roasted chicken, so it needn’t wait if you’ve already blasted through all your turkey bits. It’s just a casserole of pasta lightly tossed with sour cream or creme fraiche, studded with broccoli for a little greenery, baked till crispy. You hardly need a recipe. Or you may have a variation that works even better. If you want to get fancy, a bechamel would be lovely.

My mother used to make a similar dish with the chicken bits that had boiled in her stockpot. They don’t have much flavor left, but tossed with a little cheese and pasta, it’s ok. You could vary the veg and add some mushrooms or leeks, too.
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