Sweet and Hot: Mango-Tomatillo Salsa for Summer

I hesitated before posting this one, wondering how many salsa recipes one person really requires. Deborah Schneider’s salsa verde with tomatillos and avocado is worth its weight in gold, and I’m a big fan of Alton Brown’s simple tomato version, too. Before the weather got hot, I made one with black beans and oranges, too, but here we are, in June (June!) and those are not enough.

You need this sweet/hot mango salsa for piling on chips (a slick of guacamole underneath is encouraged) and spooning onto grilled chicken. You need it for cumin-rubbed pork chops and for hunks of halibut and skewers of marmalade-basted shrimp. I’d try it on chicken sausages, too, and tossed in a taco salad. It’s seriously good: refreshing, spicy and juicy; the perfect partner for a citrusy IPA or a light-bodied summer ale.

This summer is going to be a busy one for us–it seems like everyone we know is getting married, and Matt has to (start and) finish his dissertation before fall. I’m trying to remind myself that summer is a state of mind, and a big bowl of this salsa brings me right there. I’m looking forward to a few stolen moments of vacation: grilling and laughing while the sun sets on our balcony, bopping around beer festivals in Philly and on Governor’s Island, a lazy day at the beach when I can grab it. It’s better to not spend all summer concentrating on looking forward, anyway. I’d rather just savor it a little slower.

What recipes put you in a summer mood?

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